How to Find and Get a Veteran/Military Discount Every Time

How to Find and Get a Veteran/Military Discount Every Time

Finding stores, restaurants, and service providers that give Veteran and Military Discounts can be difficult at times. With general savings of 10-25% off of your purchase, these deals can make a big difference in your final total. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to guarantee you receive your discount every time!

Check Listings

The Veteran Discount Center is a great directory to find every discount imaginable to Veterans at a variety of locations. Plus, it gives some exclusive deals only available through their site.

Browse businesses that offer Veteran discounts by state to discover places you may never have heard of before in your hometown. Plus, you never know who will show up in the directory – your favorite restaurant could be offering a discount you weren’t even aware of!

If you have a specific industry, product, or service in mind, browse Veteran discounts by category. You can find everything, from legal services to media and entertainment deals. Searching this way will ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for at a much better price.

Keep Track of Holidays

Many businesses create special deals just for Military related holidays. Some organizations that do not offer year round Military discounts reduce their prices heavily just for these holidays, so call your favorite store and check! Restaurants, Services, and Retail locations that usually offer these discounts may offer an even larger price reduction. Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and even President’s Day are the most common Military holidays that you should take advantage of when seeking out these discounts.

Check Out our Veteran’s Day blog to learn more about this important holiday!

Bring Veteran/Military Identification

You will probably be asked to give proof of Military Service or Veteran Status, so be sure you have some form of Veteran/Military ID with you. This will make the process of receiving your discount quick and easy.

Receiving Veteran Identification, however, is not always quick and easy. Obtaining an ID from the VA involves heavy paperwork and can take weeks of waiting for it to arrive. If you would like a Veteran ID card without the hassle, consider purchasing a VetFriends Veteran ID Card. It is accepted at almost all locations nationwide and even comes with its own special deals with Dell & AT&T.

Ask at the Checkout

After putting in the hard work to find which stores give discounts, ensure you receive it by remembering to ask for it at the checkout station. Even if you are wearing a Veteran Hat, the employees at the register may forget to apply the discount, so this step is vital.

Enjoy Your Well Deserved Discount!

As a US Veteran, Active Duty, or Reserves Member of the Armed Forces, these discounts are well earned. As a protector of freedom and liberty, let the civilian world show its gratitude for your service and take advantage of these deals. It’s the least we can do!

Oct 19th 2021

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